Intellectual Property

Intellectual property

Intellectual property occupies an ever-larger share of business portfolios across the globe. Securing and protecting those assets is now more important than ever. L & A is available to assist and advise individuals and businesses on trademark, patent and copyright issues as well as to litigate related claims. We also provide counsel on licensing, franchising and related intellectual property commercial practices, as well as the various international intellectual property law treaties such as the Madrid Protocol and the WTO TRIPS Agreement.


We are available to assist both individuals and companies to protect their brands and identifications through services including trademark eligibility searches, prosecution of trademark registration applications, corresponding with the USPTO, assisting with licensing and distribution agreements, litigating infringement actions and other services.


We are similarly available to assist authors of original works with services that include eligibility analysis, registration, licensing, publication and litigation of infringement actions.


We are available to assist with patent litigation and have attorneys admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.