Professional Liability

Our professional liability practice group defends against errors and omissions claims brought against a broad spectrum of professionals including architects, engineers, financial consultants, broker-dealers, physicians, attorneys, insurance agents and land surveyors. Our clients also depend on us to provide analyses of coverage issues and direct representation in coverage and bad faith litigation.

Attorney Malpractice

Our senior lawyers have long represented attorneys and their law firms both at their direct request, and for their insurers. We have been invited to speak at malpractice seminars, and to frequently serve as expert witnesses in malpractice litigation.

Architects and Engineers

We are general counsel to one of the region’s largest architectural and design firms, whose projects span the country. Our attorneys have an extensive and specialized practice in defending design professionals in both courts and arbitration tribunals, where construction and design claims arise.

Medical Malpractice

Healthcare providers that offer proper medical care often find themselves on the wrong side of a lawsuit when a patient experiences an adverse event during the course of treatment. Our firm handles both the administrative and civil aspects of medical malpractice claims, including the nuances of the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act and the Medical Review Panel process. Our attorneys represent physicians, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other independent and assited living facilities throughout the state, and are seasoned at handling claims involving breach of the standard of care, medical misdiagnosis, an unforeseeable medical event or a known but undisclosed risk of harm.

Nursing Home Malpractice

Leake & Andersson has significant experience handling nursing home litigation, including both independent and assisted living facilities. In addition to malpractice claims that fall within the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act, we also actively defend claims involving patient mistreatment, failure to supervise, premises liability, and general negligence claims.

Pharmacy Malpractice

Our firm’s medical malpractice group also handles litigation involving pharmacists and pharmacies arising out of mis-prescription, negligence and dereliction of duty claims. Our attorneys are well-versed in the Code of Ethics governing pharmacists and understand the legal and fiduciary obligations placed on pharmacists and pharmacies through the various regulatory, administrative and legal governance.

Insurance Agents and Brokers Malpractice

Stock Broker

Certified Public Accountants

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct claims are matters of particular public interest and often garner media and other scrutiny. Our firm defends individuals, companies, religious groups, insurers and others against sexual abuse and misconduct claims arising in employment, educational, religious organization, and other contexts. We also counsel clients on employment practices, personnel matters and compliance with applicable laws and regulations in this area.