Designers v. Contractors Panel

These days, it’s a rarity for projects to be completed on schedule, within the owner’s budget, or without some personnel strife. When projects get off track, it’s common for designers and contractors to find themselves at odds with each other.

At the 2023 ALFA International Construction Seminar in Whistler, Canada, Partner Ryan Casteix moderated a panel that discussed the typical problems that arise between design and construction teams during projects and how those contentious issues develop into legal battles. He was joined by co-panelists Ed Everitt of Neel-Schaffer, Liz Molina of Berkley Alliance Managers, and Jon Lieb of McDowell Knight.

Particular topics included: uncoordinated and vague contract documents v. excessive RFIs and change orders; design delegation issues; BIM; digital modeling; personnel changeover and impacts to work schedule; delays; perceived relationship biases; assignment of liability; standard of care assessments; and impacts to the owner.

2023 ALFA Construction Law Panel: Designers v. Contractors