October 2018

L&A attorneys obtained a successful Motion for Summary Judgment in Products Liability case

Jerry L. Saporito and Caitlin Spieker Haight successfully obtained dismissal of a manufacturer of children car seats through a motion for summary judgment, argued before the Honorable Brenda B. Ricks of the 21st Judicial District Court for the Parish of Tangipahoa.

The underlying Petition alleged, inter alia, that the manufacturer was liable under the Louisiana Products Liability Act (“LPLA”) because the car seat at issue was defective. Sometime after the accident, Plaintiffs misplaced the car seat. Accordingly, Mr. Saporito and Ms. Haight argued in the manufacturer’s motion for summary judgment that Plaintiffs were unable to meet their burden of proof pursuant to the LPLA that the subject car seat was defective or that any such effect proximately caused Plaintiffs’ injuries.

Judge Ricks granted the motion for summary judgment dismissing the manufacturer and further denied Plaintiffs’ motion for new trial.