ALFA International: Friday Feature Social Media Spotlight

Today’s #FridayFeature is Donald E. McKay, Jr., a partner with ALFA International (ALFAI) member firm Leake & Andersson, L.L.P. in New Orleans, Louisiana. Donald is on the steering committee for ALFAI’s Construction Law and Workers’ Compensation practice groups. He is also an ALFAI contact partner for his firm. We hope you enjoy Donald’s feature! #ALFAI #ALFAInternational #LocalRelationshipsWorldwide #GlobalLegalNetwork

Please tell us about a favorite family vacation spot or an incredible trip you went on recently.

In June, my family and I had the good fortune of visiting Portugal. It hasn’t always been mentioned as a great European tourist destination, but that should change! We had the most incredible time visiting Lisbon, Fatima and Porto. Each was more amazing than the other. There is tons of natural beauty, historical landmarks to see, and of course, delicious food. Did I mention that they produce and consume some of the greatest wine and port in the world? Highly recommend.

Are you a participant or an avid fan of any particular sport or team?

To my wife’s dismay, I’m afraid so. I played a lot of golf and baseball growing up. I still play golf but not as regularly as I’d like. I coached baseball for many years and had some fairly famous players named Manning and Beckham – but mainly, I was glad for the chance to teach and make great memories with my three sons. As for a favorite team, I’m a loyal alum of LSU and a season ticket holder for football and baseball.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

When I was a young lawyer, the importance of giving back to the legal profession was impressed upon me by the senior partners of my firm. I watched their involvement in Bar activities and pro bono work, and it was made clear that was what was expected of members of this profession. They also took the time to mentor other younger lawyers and me on how to not only practice but also how to treat people. At Leake & Andersson today, we do our very best to continue that tradition and “play it back” with our young lawyers.

Tell us about some of the friendships you’ve made through your participation in the ALFAI network.

One of the many benefits of participation in ALFAI is spending time with people from all parts. As I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a few practice groups, I’ve had the chance to meet and get to know so many wonderful folks. Naturally, we’ve gotten to know each other’s families as well. I doubt I could think of a place to visit where I couldn’t call an ALFAI contact for advice. Likewise, I’m constantly contacted by my ALFAI friends who are visiting New Orleans (I can usually think of a good restaurant or 2…)

How would you describe ALFAI to someone unfamiliar with the association?

I would tell them they should avail themselves of the opportunity to get to know enormously talented people, both industry professionals and attorneys. First-time attendees routinely say how they wished they’d gotten involved sooner. People not familiar with ALFAI would be surprised and impressed at the level of effort and dedication that goes into the planning and execution of every event (including the excellence of the ALFAI staff). The result is an experience everyone benefits from and can be proud of.

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Leake & Andersson is an established litigation and general business practice law firm with offices in New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana. The firm represents clients throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. The firm also acts as counsel for clients in certain matters throughout the United States, including class action and mass tort cases, securities arbitration proceedings and insurance coverage disputes. The combined experience and abilities of its attorneys as well as their diverse areas of specialization enable the firm to represent a broad range of individual, business, corporate, and insurance clients.


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